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Collect recurring bank payments, on autopilot

Simple and secure direct bank payments for companies of every size. Automate your ARs and reduce collection efforts, without expensive fees.

One platform, endless possibilities

Finverse’s payments APIs empower businesses to collect payments directly from any bank account in Hong Kong (115 banks) and Singapore (all major banks).

Everything you need to receive and send money on the fastest rails at the lowest rates, with a first-class user experience.

Payments API:
Automate account-to-account (A2A) payments

We provide easy ways for consumers and businesses to link their financial accounts so they can put their recurring payments on autopilot. By allowing end-users to enrol in direct debit bank payments, we enable businesses to reduce churn, increase upsell and cross-sell, while cutting transaction fees by up to 85%.

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Credit repayments

Increase on-time loan and card repayments, by enrolling borrowers in direct debit.

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Enable users to to send money abroad with ease, by debiting from their linked bank account.

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B2B collections

Speed up ARs by automating invoice collections from any business bank account.

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Payroll operations

Automate payroll payments, by collecting from employer accounts at any bank and paying out to employees.

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Property management

Collect monthly rents and management fees via autopay.

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Investments & insurance

Fund accounts, wallets and insurance premiums by enabling customers to link their bank accounts.

Bank Data API:
The #1 regional platform for East / Southeast Asia

Our bank account aggregation API covers over 40 banks in 6 markets:

  • Regional (3)
  • Hong Kong (10)
  • Indonesia (3)
  • Malaysia (4)
  • Philippines (10)
  • Singapore (5)
  • Vietnam (8)
220822 Coverage-min

Customer Use Cases

By using our APIs to automate bank payments or access consumers’ financial data, software developers, financial service providers and startups are empowered to build innovative products for a wide variety of financial use cases, from banking to personal financial management.

Our Approach:
Consumer-first, Developer-friendly

We are passionate about building data products that deliver on our core values.
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Easy-to-use account linking interface.

Simple, well-documented developer API.

Optional turnkey, "no-code" solutions to minimize customer integration time and cost.

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Data security

Bank-level encryption of data at rest and in transit.

Robust operational security and security audits.

Open Banking compliant approach (e.g. strong customer authentication) when supported by financial institution partners.

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Data accuracy

Reliable, regularly-updated account connections.

AI-powered account and transaction data enrichment, plus categorization insights.

Well-built data model to ensure high-quality data at every step.

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